The Movement Method for Motherhood

MamaCore is a physical practice thoughtfully designed to honor the unique needs of every woman’s postpartum body, mind, and experience.

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Nourishing movement for every
woman’s postpartum journey.

Welcome, Mama!

I'm Kate, and I'm so happy you're here.


I am a Mom & Chiropractor with a passion for supporting women through their motherhood journey. MamaCore is a movement practice rooted in Kinesiology & Vinyasa Yoga. 

This method offers the opportunity for mamas to build strength & flexibility while healing postpartum core and pelvic floor dysfunction. The movements are specifically designed to be safe and effective for women with diastasis recti (DRA) and/or postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction.

This practice is the perfect starting point for a new mama who wants to get back to exercise in a way that honors her body, mind and soul during her early postpartum season.

MamaCore Movement Flows are designed to create connection & strength within our bodies, no matter where we are on the motherhood spectrum. 

If you desire functional flows designed specifically for motherhood - this is it. Let's move & heal, together. 

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What are they saying?


I have taught and practiced yoga for years but still had some pelvic floor issues, core weakness and low back pain five years postpartum. MamaCore made such a  difference! Kate’s classes are incredibly beneficial, challenging, relaxing and just plain fun! I wholeheartedly recommend!


 MamaCore was one of the best things I've ever done for my body and my soul. It helped me appreciate the strength and beauty of my and other women's postpartum bodies, it helped me process the postpartum emotions, and it connected me with the supportive community of amazing women.


I love that it helps me with movement in my advanced years and keeps me strong for being with grand babies.  It’s for all mamas regardless of your stage of mama hood.

Classes and Resources

MamaCore Virtual

For all stages of Motherhood

A therapeutic semester class that combines the practice of yoga to build strength and balance in the community to build connection and support as we navigate the motherhood transition together. Includes an introduction to MamaCore along with eight recorded classes.

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First Year Flow


0-12 months Postpartum

The complete movement medicine for your postpartum healing journey. Restore your core connection, while creating whole mind-body strength. 

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Optimized Motherhood

For all stages of Motherhood

The biology of whole body-mind wellbeing during the motherhood journey. Elevate your energy & vitality by honoring your infradian rhythm. 

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MamaCore will be gathering in person in Kalamazoo, MI with Dr. Kate in 2023, in the mean time enjoy movement medicine at your own pace through our recorded series!

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Cultivate movement and strength in the safe space of your own home, when the time is right for you.


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Weekly virtual classes with Dr. Kate Antoniotti, founder of MamaCore Method. Connect with a community of mamas on the same journey as you. We come together to reconnect with our breath, our bodies, and our community.


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As a studio or gym owner you may already offer prenatal specific classes, this is your opportunity to continue supporting the mamas in your community in their postpartum season. 


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